New windows?

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I'm doing a refi - and the VA has a program that will allow up to $6000 in energy upgrades. I've initially targeted my windows as they are all single pane.

But! The local electric coop energy guru tells me I should just hang heavy curtains and skip installing new windows.

And! Being the windows companies know about the $6000 - just about every quote is a nickel short of the full amount. Ain't it odd that nobody went over the $6k??!!! ( I did have one guy quote me at $4500 to replace 11 windows and the back door.)

I have electric heat and the place is 10 years old. I doubt the windows would "pay for themselves" before the place disintegrates. I upgraded the AC/Heat - but the bill actually went up!

Of course, it is turning into a sales mess. Now I don't believe a word from the sales boys.

If anyone has had any experiences with replacing their windows, I would be grateful for any tips!

I got a 1973 had single panes with storm ,rather than buy new as they would have to be special made cause walls aren't true 2 x4 I found a newer mobile built prior to 2 x6 wall design that was being scrapped and salvaged all the double hungs from it total cost = 0 dollars and carpal tunnel.Instead spent my money on upgrading
skirting roof and stuff that will keep windows in for another 20 years.
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How do they know about the $6000.
Why not send a friend in with all the measurements to get a true quote.

Maybe they figure anyone who lives in a MH that is replacing all the windows just won the lottery.
When I bought a new car last year someone ask me if a relative had died and left me money , like they seem to think if you have money you have to own a conventional house.
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You can use this calculator to get an idea what you might save with new windows: ... pgrade.htm

If the current windows leak a lot of air, then the saving will be more.

We use a thermal shade that has side tracks to prevent flow around the edges. I think they are quite effective,but have no way to measure the improvement -- they look like this: ... htm#Shades

If I had $6000 to spend on energy saving, I'd try this program to identify the projects with the most bang for the buck:

I think you can probably do better than putting the whole 6K into windows.

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Greg S wrote:How do they know about the $6000.
Why not send a friend in with all the measurements to get a true quote.
$6000 How do they know that? I guess your right... sending a friend could be a best move on to that... friends could do the measurement to get a true quote...
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Personally I think upgrading to newer double paned windows is a definite plus. BUT, I am not one to want to live in a cave with curtains closed all winter to keep the cold out or closed in summer to keep the heat out.

I had every window and door replaced in my home with double hung double paned low E and have noticed a decrease in the electric bill. Not to mention no drafts.

You certainly should not have to spend 6 grand for the amount of windows that you need. You can get stock sizes at any home improvement stores and replace yourself. You may need to enlarge the window opening.

Alot of cost from a window contractor comes from the "possible" rot repairs that will be found once they open up and start replacing your windows/doors.

In our repair forum you will find many threads that are about window replacements, don't forget to check out the pics of many as well.


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