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Hi all, I realize it is a matter of choice but I'm asking what is the 'normal' when painting the exterior of the trailer and the trim. I live in a 1978 triple trailer (wood sided and trimmed). After days of searching I found and have painted the body of the trailer the most incredible white in history. It has the look, texture and feel of white chalk. It is called crystal white (X50) from the Home Depot. It is an exterior flat paint in primer paint with the most amazing color. (Although it did require 2 full coats, not the one coat they advertise it as)
I found the color for the trim but not sure what sort of sheen, finish or enamel is best to do the trim in. I live in the brutally hot, dry and sunny desert of California. The trim gets some kind of dry heat rotting or something that required lots of heavy sanding to get rid of.
This painting and prep have taken over 2 weeks and cost a small fortune in time and money. I really don't want to screw it all up by getting the wrong paint for the trim. Thanks.
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I sold paint for almost 6 years out of HS and through college. When you look for specifically labeled door & trim paint, it is usually a gloss finish. This is for durability. Doors & Trim get a lot of wear and tear, from things running into it and hands constantly touching.