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any one ever try this stuff? It works similar to paper bag painting? The web page is It says you can use it for countertops, floors and furniture. I want to try it on bathroom coutertop and bathroom floor. I have used a barnwood wallpaper with modge podge on my kitchen cupboard with rustoleum counter top paint and distressed the edges of the doors withe paint turned out great! I also painted kitchen countertops and they turned out pretty well. I had orange countertops which I hate orange. I also found log wallpaper I put on part od my living room and back of kitchen cupboards it looks like real log cabin logs. Everyone loves it. I put white tail deer boarder above it. I am in the UP Mi. so I have a cabin theme going lol.
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I've never used it, but have seen some impressive pictures of paper illusions used on countertops. A friend of mine has used it on a small wall, and it looks good. What you have done sounds good also.
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I have used Paper Illusion in at least three rooms plus a counter top in one of the bathrooms- in fact, my before and after photos of the bathroom are posted on their website- The orginal paper is no longer available and the price has doubled since I purchased mine-
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I am looking at this product for a bathroom counter, and was wondering how it has held up under normal wear and tear...and water!