first remodel - started with the small bathroom!

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My wife, 8 month daughter and I just purchased our first home as a small family. :D

A 1996 skyline double and now to make it ours. After much deliberation we decided to start with the small, second bathroom. I didnt feel like testing my taping and mudding skills on the first room we tackled, so we went with bead board. A lot of sins are hidden under that board :wink: wish i had taken a before photo. It wasn't terrible, just dated and dark. We tiled the floor, added a new vanity and sink top and light fixure. The tub/shower and toilet cleaned up really nice, and the bead board fit over the exposed screws all along the tub shower to create a real nice finished look. Just need to finish the crown molding and some paint touch-ups and this first remodel job is in the books. What do you all think? :mrgreen:
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Looks good, but I would remind you that floor tiles in a Mobile are a big No-No. Your home WILL flex & move slightly, your tiles not so much.

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looks nice!
any pics of the floor?
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Looks great!
Today is PERFECT!

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