How to turn my bedroom boho chic?

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i want to turn my bedroom boho chic but on a i was wondering is there any websites that give you ideas and tips on that or examples of rooms. Christian Audigier and also any websites and/or shops that sell nice boho chic style furniture and bedspreads etc.
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Umm--"boho chic" is really a redux of what we used to call "eclectric," with a very balanced selection of periods and styles. You'll want, for example, to include a contemporary piece or even a transitional piece, add some elements from Edwardian, Art Deco, or even Victorian, and a couple of urban or industrial accent pieces. Color can be used freely, but try to have some prevailing color (NOT a monochromatic scheme) to base accents from.

"Back in the day," you could get plenty of free "boho chic" pieces by garbage-picking in upscale neighborhoods. You might want to turn your attention to secondhand stores or the "Sally Boutique" (aka the Salvation Army.)

To get elements such as lighting fixtures, consider checking out freecycle or Habitat for Humanity stores as well as the more upscale (and pricier) "antique" shops.

One thing you want to think about is how heavily, or sparsely, decorated you want your room. Remember, you will very quickly have to dust all those decor elements!

Everyone has their own tastes, to be sure, but I've been living with eclectric since I moved out of my parents' home nearly forty years ago, and a twenty year marriage to Mr. Cheapo didn't help matters there. Personally, I'm tired of living in a museum dedicated to my parents and my inlaws and would happily jump at the chance to have a "redo" with all new stuff that coordinates! If I were to win the lottery, the first thing I'd buy is a brand new high end bedroom set with very sparse elements!

You might want to check out this site for more ideas: ... index.html

Have fun!

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Hi lol,
These are so many sites available. You should check in google search engine. & find many home decor sites providing free tips to boho chic.