Resilient Vinyl Flooring

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I own a 2005 Fleetwood 14x56 mobile home. The living room is currently carpeted and looking nasty, so I want to replace it with laminate flooring. While researching laminate flooring, I came across resilient vinyl flooring - which are basically peel and stick planks that look like wood. It had very good reviews on easy installation and looking like real wood. One concern I have is about insulation value - would it be cold in winter, but then again I have sheet vinyl in the kitchen and bath, so I assume my trailer's underbelly is well insullated. The other concern is about the noise - but the ads for reselient floors say they will absorb some of the noise - I have a two kids 5 and 15 plus a dog. The pro's for me would be easy clean-up, and eventually I could continue the flooring into the kitchen, hall and bath, but my kitchen is open to my living room so I am not sure if it would look like a bowling ally if I did that. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has used this type of flooring in their mobile homes.

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hello, been thinking about that stuff too, not sure how it would work in a m/h though, it's glued to the floor and these things move a bit,witch seems to be common. although being vynle type it's plyable and may not be a prob. i've got same issue, kitchen and pallor open and a hall and bath., i put a partician between the kitchen and pallor,witch gave me more wall space for cabinets in the kit and a wall in the pallor. noise issue,well growing up in a 100 yr old cape cod, w hard wood floors i love carpets. but i do understand the low maintainace thing , i have 2 teenage boys and a 2 yr old grandaughter and a dog. can you say area rugs? :wink:
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This is what i have in my home. ... l_2010.pdf

Its great I also have 2 dogs and a 9y/o and a wife that acts like my 9y/o.......SHHHH :)
I have had it now for 2 years and love it it dose not actualy stick to the floor it acts like a floating floor and sticks to each other and is simple it install. It's great for floors that are not level and is very flexable. One of my dogs is a 80lb black lab and it will hold up to her claws when we play ball in the house!!!! I think I spent about 1.60-1.70 a sq foot and they have many colors to choose from. only 3-4 colors at my local home depot but they have 10-15 online and the store can order any color you want.
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I put this flooring (Allure from Home Depot) in my kitchen last year and plan to continue it into the living room and hall this year. It looks great. I swiffer it and mop with only a mixture of water and vinegar, or I use Tarkett Floor Cleaner (for vinyl, wood or laminate) with a micro-fiber mop. Then every other month I clean and polish with Allure Single-Step Cleaner & Polish - this stuff really put a nice shine on the floor! The only draw back is that scuffs do tend to show. The Single-Step helps to cover most of them. Be sure to put pads on all your furniture legs or you will have some real scuffs.
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We just bougth a home and have a 20' X 20' living room with laminate wood tone flooring! So pretty! Not sure if it's glue or another kind but no noise when walking on it.
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Quote: "my kitchen is open to my living room so I am not sure if it would look like a bowling ally if I did that."

Not to worry. My daughter put wood floors from one hallway, through her living room, kitchen, and on down the other hallway. If anything, not breaking it up made it look more spacious.
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This sounds like a really good option for the master bathroom. We're getting laminate flooring put in and I think the old vinyl's going to look kind of crummy next to it. I'm going to look for something that looks like tile or stone.

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I came to know from one of my friend that its working for him fine and its a very good option than carpeted.
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Sundry1 - I was at Home Depot the other day and they have resilent vinyl that looks like tile, which I assume will attach to the wood planks. Also, the reviews I read from customers say that it is perfect for bathrooms.

Trudi - Glad to hear that someone actually did this and it didn't look like a bowling ally!