DIY-remodeled the kitchen

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there are before and after pics. please let me know what you think. :) total cost was about 1,000.00( one thousand dollars) the wallboard is actually exterior grade. we sanded, primed and then painted. i like the worn look it gives.
the kraft maid cabinet that we used for the island came from a thrift store. the cost was 24.99 and we made the top.
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What a change! I think it looks wonderful! Congrats on a job well done.
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Looks great!! Nothing looks better to me than the looks of wood. Greg
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WOW, what a great job!
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The transformation is impressive enough, but you went so far as organizing your pantry too!!! :wink: :mrgreen:
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That's really a nice job done, i am also about do the same (remodeling my kitchen) but i would like to add some new kitchen appliances in my kitchen so that it can to the look of it. There are many stores that i have been to and liked one as well. Here i can get many kitchen appliances according to my need.
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Yours is the identical layout to the kitchen I am renovating including the window over the sink and pantry by the fridge.
The only thing I am doing differently is moving the fridge to beside the entrance door allowing me to shift the stove to the original fridge location. This will then allowing me to place a cupboard where the stove is and have better access to the dead cupboard space in the corner presently blocked by the stove.

Nice results on your reno.
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