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My latest project: Looks cream in the photo but is actually a pale yellow
Valspar Bleached blonde, Windsong and shutters and dark trim are Midnight sky
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I've been thinking about painting the deck white, but I think I prefer the dark waterseal
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WOW, Looks great! Did you roll, brush or spray (or all three?) Nice clolors. :D
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Thanks for posting these pics my homes is made like this one but it is gray and I hate it so now i was wondering what it wouldlook like painted now i am going to do it thanks.
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That looks great! What a difference...good job!
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Your home looks so nice, I have a 99 chandeular and it looks just like your before picture. I now have hope that mine can also look as nice. Thanks for sharing.
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The Valspar paint is a bit pricey, but I've painted a MH before and skimped on the paint.. Don't do it! Get good quality paint.

Thanks everyone, I was afraid it was going to look too "pastel" but I like it.

Denise, I brushed the first coat just to get good coverage in the nooks & crannies.. rolled the second coat.
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Very nice, Curlylocks! So, is this just regular (Valspar) Exterior paint or something more?
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Its neat what alittle paint can do,isnt it.Looks great!!!