Bamboo? Will it be that invasive as to ruin the foundation?

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I have a major water problem- but it's not affecting the home a bit.

My home sits close to the roadway and the roadway is the 'top' of the hill.
So my home -the front, sits almost ground level
with the back up higher (the ground slopes)
And back of the home the hill just continues to go down about 2 more acres.

At the end/ bottom of the hill- a few years back the adjoining neighbor cleared their acerage for a horse it's barren.

When it rains, it literally dumps/drains onto my property. Amazing how they 'built up' /grading/ their side before they put the fence in...leaving my side lower and collecting all the water.

It's pretty to look at...the grasses that grow are tall and really green. You can hear frogs/crickets all the time.

It's just I know it's gonna be a breeding ground for's already looking swampy.

To stop my rambling...bamboo. I was told that would soak up all the water but it is very invasive and can ruin foundations.

Since my home sits on cinderblock all the way around, plus I have a concrete building as a back patio/downstairs room (concrete floor/cinderblock walls/concrete top)

Will bamboo 'spread' up the hill? or Is my home far enough away I don't have to worry about it?

Or does anyone else have any other ideas?
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Other than adding drains & 4"corrugated tubes you are stuck. I don't know enough about the Bamboo root system to say what it would do, you could try contacting a landscape professional for their thoughts. Greg
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