Painting Peeling Paper Covered Cabinets

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Sun Jan 17, 2010 9:33 am

Hi! I've been a lurker on your forum, on and off, for over a year, getting ideas in my head for making my mobile home look less like a mobile home.

I'm just getting ready to work on the guest/childrens' bathroom (bought primer yesterday and brought home paint samples) and one of the questions I have is regarding the cabinet. I'd LOVE to replace it, but I'm working on an extremely tight (non-existent budget).

I've read this thread: ... php?t=4102 on this forum, but I was wondering what type of primer and paint I should use. Just a semi-gloss that I would use on the walls? An enamel, or would that be a mess? I have five children, under the age of 12, AND live in the country, so the bathroom gets a ton of tough use - so I need to use something that will be durable and washable. After reading here, I bought the Glidden Gripper primer, will that work on the cabinets?

I believe that I am going to go with the vinyl beadboard wallpaper around the bottom part of the bathroom, since it will be washable and waterproof. I'd liked to have done the vinyl beadboard panels they sell at Home Depot, but it'd be about $100 for the small bathroom and I just can't afford that. The cheapest thing would be to use the beadboard panel, but since it's a 'wood' base, I'm afraid it will get wet and expand in spots.

I will take pictures of before and after, and if there is interest I'll post them. (unless it turns out horribly, in which case you'll only get the before pictures).