Removing Glued On Mirrors in Master Bath

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Help! How do I get these mirrors down without damaging the wall behind. Both are on exteri[/size]or walls.[/size] :cry:
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Hi and welcome to the forum. I was hoping you would have a reply to your post by now. This question has been asked a couple of times in the last couple of months and there were replies from people that actually did what you are trying to do. I do believe they helped the other posters to get the job done. If I remember right, people used a nylon string or thin cable in a sawing motion. Maybe they heated up the mirror with a heat gun or blow dryer first. Maybe not though. I think I remember that the mirror still broke in progress, so it sounds a bit dangerous to me. Hopefully, someone with actual experience will chime in here. Personally, I would tape the entire window with duct tape and break it with a push broom from as far away as possible. Safety glasses, gloves, medieval suit of armor all sound good to me. Working the glue off of the wall without damage might be the biggest challenge. I use Goof-Off, a solvent type cleaner like Goo-Gone. I also have an expensive can of adhesive remover that I got from OSH, which I will use when the Goof-Off does not penetrate the glue.

This is just my thoughts on removing the mirrors. I have never tried it myself, but I have busted out windows with the tape idea and removed a lot of glue with solvents. Just got to be very careful with all of it.

Hope this helps.
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Hello Angelmomma, Removing the mirrors are not easy I removed both of mine but they broke. They did not come off easy, they both broke into tiny pieces. I duct taped the mirror so the shards would not wind up in my carpet and keep a shop vac close by. I tried the fishing line, thin wire and even a hacksaw. The mirrors seem to be the only thing that does not fall apart easily as they glue the heck out of them. Just tape it up good and remove a piece at a time (some of the wall board may also come off, mine did).
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You could do a search on mirrors there you will find things others have tried
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[b]It WORKED![/b]

Huge mirrors over the spa tub on two outside walls: I took masking tape and criss-crossed all over the mirrors. I used your advise and took thin "picture hanging wire" and "sawed" the back of the mirrors and they came right off! The same with the two mirrors over the sinks.

No damage to mirrors OR walls! Yeaaaa! I hope to be ready to prime the walls today. This is a complete makeover with new sink mirrors, lighting fixtures, etc.

Thank you so much. I am new to this forum, but I won't be a stranger! :D
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Glad you had success.

Now please prep your walls properly before proceeding. Prep is everything. There are many, many threads on prepping your walls.

Good luck and hopefully you will show us some pics.

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You bet. I totally understand about prepping. All holes have been filled and sanded. Filled the second time. Today I will sand for the last time and then washed the walls. After drying, I will be priming with a primer appropriate to bathrooms and shiny walls.

I will be painting the doors as well.

Thanks for everything! :)