painting a m/h

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I want to paint my Holly Park 1987 m/h with aluminum siding
suggestions please
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About the same as painting anything, Surface preparation is the most important part of the job. I would talk to a paint professionals at one of the paint stores for their input.

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I believe sherwin williams has a direct-to-metal line of paints that are tint-able to any color you'd like. Still - surface prep is the holy grail of painting - especially exterior.

You may also want to consider the usual primer, then topcoat scenario. In such, XIM (sherwin williams) works wonders. You can top it with either oil or latex paints.

If you will be brushing or rolling (versus spraying) you may want to put an additive in the paint that slows down its initial 'setup' so that roller 'bumps' and brush strokes have a bit more time to level out.

And by all means - buy good brushes!
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