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I've been reading a bit about the paper bag flooring and was pondering giving it a try in the master bath. Has anyone had experience with this in a mobile? My daughter's partner was afraid it would be a nightmare to remove if I ever wanted to do so. One of the maintenance people here suggested I rip up the carpet and just paint for now. I can't stand carpet in the bathroom, hence I use the guest bath because the carpet gives me the creeps even though I cleaned it half a dozen times.

The bathroom is not huge and I would like to think I can find a way of redoing the floor that I can do myself, so that essentially leaves painting, paper bag, or maybe the allure? I've been told loose lay vinyl would be easy too, but doesn't wear that well and might need replacing in 3-4 years. That one is last on my list.

Thoughts from anyone who has done floors are welcome and encouraged.
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I just read your post and that is a great flooring idea. I really like the look. I have seen some people stain it as well. From the little bit I have read, you would not need to remove the paper. You could install over top of it. The floor would not be that thick. My concern would be moisture in the bathroom. Though it has a poly coat, I am not sure how it would handle water on the floor, or moisture from hot showers. Some research would needed for that.

One idea is to purchase, or find for free, a small section of plywood. apply the paper to the wood, and put poly for flooring on it. Let it dry, then do some tests. Put some water on it and let it sit for varying times. If it hold up, it is probably good to go.
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Thank you, that's a good idea, I may give that a try!
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Was wondering if you did the "paper bag" floor?

I pulled up the carpet in a bedroom that I converted to an office space. I put down the Pergo flooring planks...and while it looks ok - the wheels on my office chair seem to cause it to move. Hence, i have a raised 'lip' smack in the center of the room that is now cracking out. Oh yippee!

I'm ready to dump the carpet through the whole house. It's been down at least 15 years, and must have a couple truck loads of dirt under it. My asthma and carpet are not a good match! So, with the so-so status of the planks - I'm considering the paper bag technique at least for the LR. My problem is that the marriage seam sits about 2 feet into one side of the room - and i have concerns about it moving/expanding/contracting and messing up the floor.

Should I cover the entire living room with some 3/8 or 1/2" plywood first so that the marriage seam can do it's thing unseen?
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