Master Bathroom Gut & Remodel Complete

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Finally completed my master bathroom remodel! :D It is quite a story, for now all I wanted to do was upload the finished photos. I will upload before photos, in-progress photos, and share quips of some of the more difficult parts of it in coming posts. For now, however, I would like to just relax and enjoy a finished project. 8)
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Wow that is very nice work!
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Looks good :) I'd like to hear more about the shower walls and floor
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Now that is one handsome bathroom. I love the strong colors. Beautiful job.
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Here are a two before pictures, wish I had taken more, but it was a common layout for mobile home master bathrooms. Large corner tub, small shower stall, one sink, zero storage.

Our first move into this project was to remove the mauve carpet from the bathroom. Whoever thought carpet in a bathroom is a good idea must have good aim. The photo of the tub is post carpet removal. I was pretty excited when I saw linoleum under the carpet, but it was really sliced up, probably during manufacturing, so it would have to be replaced.

I started to fund the project with craigslist. The whirlpool tub, the shower stall, and even the mirrors on the wall went up for sale.

The shower stall went quickly after posting it to craigs. Removing it from its framed-in position was easy. Unfastened the screws holding the stall to the wall, then loosened the drain from the nicely accessible p-trap below. After all of this, it finally dawned on me to see if it would fit through the door...Nope. 30" door, 32" shower stall. Defeat! or was it?

I realized the rough framing for the doorway was 32" and quickly went to removing the door and frame in both the bathroom and the master bedroom. It sounds like a lot of work but really it only took me like 15 minutes for each door, and for $150, i figured it was worth it. I mean, either way that shower stall had to get out, and it was this or cut-up into pieces with zero $. It now lives in an older gentleman's basement.

The mirrors came down quickly and effortlessly, thanks to one of the users on this forum for their advice on using a cable to saw through the mounting tape. No one thought I would sell these, but I believe I have a knack with craigs so I gave it a go anyway. They are now spending their second lives helping old folks work-out in some ladies basement - $75.

The tub took a while to sell, and was kind of a PITA to remove. The p-trap was quite hidden, and the pump must have been bolted down before the house was built, because all of the fasteners to loosen it were impossible to reach. The guy that bought it rolled up with a U-haul and a ton of cabinets making a basement bar or something with the jacuzzi tub. $275.

I post this and prices to try and motivate others. So many DIY shows start out with the demolition of a space and everything gets smashed, broken, and tossed into a dumpster. Its all really wasteful to me so I wanted to show that with a little patience the reward of reselling can really help fund a project.

@JeffinFL, the floor is actually vinyl peel and stick tiles. Its higher-end stuff that really fakes out guests into thinking its ceramic and has a really nice texture and sheen to it. The new shower is a 3-PC. Lyons Elite 48" shower wall kit, I will elaborate on the framing and installation in future posts with pictures, anything in particular you are interested in?
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Is there a chance of water getting between the tiles? Did you grout them like you would with ceramic? How about sealing between the tile and the wall pieces, and around the drain? Did you seal the floor under the tiles with RedGard or something similar?

Sorry for all the questions .. I still have a master bath to remodel, and never thought about using peel and stick stuff. What brand are they?
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wow great work!
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