What are the last plants that you bought?

Come share your ideas for sprucing up your property.

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I found a nice nursery nearby that had a lot of nice plants. Some of the old ones I bought a few weeks ago started dying, I think they were not getting enough sun, so I bought some new ones and placed those where they could get more sun to see if they will get better.

I also bought two cherry tomato plants for 99 cents each. They are about a foot and a half tall.

The herbs there are more expensive to I am going to go back to the original nursery that I used to go to and get them for almost half price, they just got them in and only sell them seasonally.
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Last weekend I picked up Cayenne, Jalapeno and Chili pepper plants. I have a Tabasco plant but it kinda died and is now starting to regrow.

I planted some sweet basil from seeds earlier in the year, and they are now over a foot tall. I need to pluck a bunch of leaves and make some pesto or basil oil before it starts getting too cold outside .. i'm not sure if they'll survive a Florida winter.