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Just checking in....my hospital stay ended up being almost two weeks. Because of the stuff I was hooked up to, I was computer-less the whole time (would have interfered with the monitoring equipment). But got a ton of answers about what's going on with my health, so it was worth it!

Spent the time reading and re-reading Mark's book - what a gold mine! DH and I love all the pictures. It's going to make our renovation process SO MUCH easier!

Time not reading was spent watching HGTV and the home improvement shows. We now have a list of projects that spans ten pages of notebook paper (and counting), but have bundles of ideas of what to do and how! Right before going into the hosp, I was laid off from my job of five years (didn't see it coming at all, so was pretty devastated for several days). But after thinking about things, it sure will be nice to have the time to work on settling in and getting our little Love Cottage into the shape it deserves!

So "hi" again, and everybody try to stay cool - it actually got within a whisker of 100 degrees in Minnesota yesterday (not a common occurrence) and, although it's not supposed to be as hot today, the humidity is enough to knock your socks off. At least our A/C is working well now!

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Hi Lynnie,

Glad you made it back!

Sorry to hear about the extended hospital stay.

At least you had a chance to really read the manual...as you said it is truly a good source of info. You have the advantage now, you have the info before you start your repairs and upgrades, and then learn that they are not done properly!

Good luck and please keep us updated as you start your repairs/upgrades.

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