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Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:56 am

Well folks got a minute here and had to write. Still on 6 nights a week, parents doing somewhat better. Still dragging stuff out'a their house but making headway. Hope to see them July 4th. weekend..hurrah! Now, on to the story! Trying to get a little work done here at the homeplace in my spare time....yeah..right. The ceiling needs some repairs, cracks in the drywall, a few screwpops and a watermark here&there from condensation problems. Anyway...before rolling on the Kilz I hadd'a clean some of the build-up from using a kerosene heater to cut heating costs...and I support the American tobbacco farmers. Nuff lectures needed. So I mixed up a gallon of cleaning stuff. Got the recipe from Consumer Report and this stuff cleans incredibly! This stuff makes dirt run like a fat old man with ammonia in his eyes! But I digress. The recipe is 1 gal. water (I use distilled) 1 pint of alcohol and 1/2 cup of ammonia...mix well, put inn'a spray bottle. AHA! But for big jobs...grab the garden sprayer! Yessirrebob..thatt'l gitter done! Pump that bad boy up till the sides buldge and point the wandy-thingy at the ceiling and rip the trigger! GOOOSH! "Stuff" will be rolling down the walls and dripping like rain! Now snatch up the sponge mop from a bucket of clean warm water and git to moppin'!! I hadda change the water in the bucket 3 times just to do the hallway ceiling it was that bad! Now...a few words of warning: it does contain ammonia...and alcohol. Wear a hat...and safety glasses. If it gits in yer eyeballs...don't rub it with yer hands...which are (of course) sopping wet with cleaner. That really smarts! Also...warsh yer hands gents..before doing anything...know what I mean?? THAT smarts too! I ended up doing ceiling/walls and floor by the time I got to the kitchen but it looks almost good enough to not really need painted...but I will as soon as I spackle some spots. No damage to any painted surfaces/cabinetry or floors that I have found. I am nervous about using it in the bedroom & livingroom because of the berber carpet. May need dropcloths. I'm figgerin' 3 gallons should do the whole house. Well, gotta run! Ya'll take care and thanks for all the advice in the "parents" post! Audie...the Oldfart!

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Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:47 am

A slightly easier way of doing the same job: double up on the alcohol needed!

Mix the solution as described above, pour the second batch of alcohol into a bottle and screw the lid tight. Tie one end of a string to it, and the other end to a stick. Now get an old wino from under the bridge and have his scrub the walls, ceiling and floor, while dangling the bottle of alcohol before him like a carrot!

Much easier and much faster too!! :twisted: