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My favorite movies are:

1) Troy
2) Avatar
3) 2012
4) Spiderman 3
5) Transformar 2
6) Titanic

What About Yours ?
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1. Poltergeist
2. Eat, Pray, Love
3. The Men Who Stare at Goats
4. Aliens
5. Lord of the Rings series
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oooooh that's scary...
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Kelley's Heroes
The 300
The Dark Knight
The Blues Brothers
Strange Brew
Spies Like Us
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You guys have time to watch movies??

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My favorite movies are :-
12 Rounds
Titanic 2
Final Destination 4
Harry Potter
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A few in no particular order.

Man in Iron Mask
Long Kiss Goodnight
Zorro(Catherine Zeta Jones version of course)
Hobbit and the Trilogy(read all the books too,twice!)
Tombstone (Kilmer)
Tomb Raider(games too)

I like action/horror/western,but as so-called "chick flicks" go,Titanic is top of the line.

Still hoping for Necroscope(book series) by Brian Lumley,to be made into a series of horror movies,could be excellent. The 1st 4-5 books where Harry is the hero are highly recommended by me,later in the series I lost interest.

What was that pirate movie where Gina Davis was a ship captain?

Sorry for the long reply but it is *such* a big topic.
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"Gina Davis was a ship captain" = Cutthroat Island.

A couple more "off the wall" action ones I like-

The Replacement Killers(Mira Sorvino's smile just melts me)

Mean Guns(Chris Lambert,Ice T,etc)

The above weren't exactly B movies IMO but they weren't big blockbusters either.

As you can see I do not discriminate against female action heroes,I like them just as well as Wayne,Schwarzenegger,Stalone,etc. One of my favorite lines ever is from Gina Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight when she says "Chefs do that".
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1-Italian Job
4-Kung fu panda
5-once upon a time in mexico
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quiet man ,john wayne; last of the mohichans,patriot,caddyshack,meet joe black
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My favorite movies are:

1) Titanic
2) Avatar
3) 2012
4) Spiderman 3
5) Transformar 2
6) Troy
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Interesting discussion going in this post.
My favorite movies are:

Spider man 3
Transformer 2
Sweety.......... :)
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Blood Diamond
Eagle Eye
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Mine are Mission impossible 4, MIB and 2012.