i'm gunna shoot him ,just a little 2

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Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:12 pm

hm where did i read that befor??? well oh the ground hog here in pa. said we'd have and early spring so my neighbor said. oh great says i .you sure? you were way off with your almanac ,cold no snow but very cold , yeah, here have a shovelfull of cold :roll: .well last week wheather was great thought she'd been right this time ,then last night happened. sitting here at the puter looking at posts and baaammmm!!!! :shock: rolling thunder. thought it was a truck on the highway 78 which is literaly a stones throw from my house. then again ,what the ???? i looked outside and heard it again then i saw lightnign whole bunch of it,the hail the size of marbles. that lasted about 30 mins, later went outside to have a smoke and geeeeeshh it freaking snowing again!!!!!!!.down to about 29 last night . just wait till i find that ground hog , i want to shoot him just a little. yeah oldfart , kinda borrowed that from one of your posts just seemed fitting this case too. :mrgreen: : :mrgreen:
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Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:22 pm

Well Joe, you must have been on the South side of the storm, I got about 6" of snow here.

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