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I'mm Back! well I actually never left when I moved up away from the Gulf almost 4 years ago (I believe my last post was in 2007) I left the world of technology! so I would read and post here using internet at work until I was medically retired in late 2007. I left the AF Base due to several medical conditions so I'm mostly home now. I don’t get out much which is fine....No COMPLAINTS! God is good and has and continues to bless me and my family! I was able to keep my health benefits and I draw enough federal retirement to live comfortable. We are still in the palm harbor we got in 2007 and love it! Wife and Kids are Great!

I've slowed way down as of late and basically the upkeep and unfinished projects that come with 20 acres, a 4br,3bath 2800sq.ft home and seeing to my mother in laws place we helped build next to us is a full time job :wink: I do have a recent project I'll share.... see I'm posting from my HI-SPEED internet we recently got installed and it works great! it’s just as fast as my cable internet was down on the coast except for I receive the signal via Wi-Fi -WISP (Wireless internet service provider) Great new alternative to dial up or satellite internet for rural areas.

This technology is MUCH faster than satellite internet and there is NO usage limits. I installed a 75' tower that Gets above most of my trees giving me even faster Download speeds- (avg. 10megs download, 2megs up) anyway if ya'll know anyone using sat. internet in a rural area tell them to look for a WISP provider in thier area! Sorry for the long post but it’s been 4 years! Glad to be back! I can't believe I remembered my password! Glad to see same Great folks(Mark, Greg,Robert,Yanita,JD) are still helping folks here! now that I've got internet I'm Looking forward to being a regular again! RickD
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Hi Rick,

Welcome back to the forum. Sounds like you are doing well. Looking forward to seeing your posts.
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Welcome back Rick. Still tracking the weather? I was wondering if you fell off or what, the last time I remember hearing from you was just after Katerina when you were doing repairs. Hope all is well, and look forward to the posts.

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Thanks for the welcome back. Greg although Katrina was a life changing storm, tracking Hurricanes is still a passion for me.especially since I've got the ability to track them at home again,but I miss the contacts and inside info. I had at the AF Base. Glad to be back.
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Hello Every one
I am new here in this forum Which is so exited.