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Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:44 pm

Just thought I'd let you know that your posts made my minute. I've been having one of those, "let me throw myself out a window at a bus and then back over myself to make sure I did it right the first time, then repeat" kind of months. I discovered your flea post quite accidentally while pondering the "am I ready to live in a trailer when all I've lived in all my life was one of those new fangled houses your insane daughter, who I now believe I was, does." It made my minute, they are subject to change in a moments notice with our without just cause. I've decided that I may just give it a whirl. Heck, I'm a Yankee and alcoholic in recovery, just for today. I can try anything once, twice if I like it. Living in the south sure has its pluses. I don't have to buy pellets, shovel snow, or worry about freezing pipes. Instead I have things like scorpions(I thought they stopped at the TX border, they don't), hurricanes(its just wind, how bad can it be), and grits to deal with...all in all, it works. I'm getting me a doublewide and sure hope it works out. Hey, it has a pool, 2 garages, and a 2 story treehouse(that worries me a bit...is it a hideout when the mice invade?), how bad can it be?

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Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:29 am

Mom, I just saw this post today!! Now don't you be afraid to try "trailer living"! I thouroughly enjoy it. Mind ye there's not an excess of room but my needs are puddy simple. As well the taxes are low. ($400. per year) My elec. bill runs $30 a month and a tank of fuel will usually get me through a mild winter. Most of the time I'm either working/sleepin'r outside wandering around anyways. Glad you enjoyed the ramblings of an old man. :) Take care an be blessed my new friend! Audie....the Oldfart..