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Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:13 am

well this week has been horrid, people we all must remember to check up on our neighbors, not to the point of being intrusive but just to be friendly, i've suffered 2 losses this week to the summer heat and the inability to have the common sense. on monday family member found my wife's grand father passed away in his house, he was 90 and insisted on living alone, it wasn't uncommon for him not to call or visit for several days , but when he was exspect at the house and didn't show people got worried. an elderly neighbor right in my own park , passed this week end, i used to help him shovel snow from his drive , well i did the shoveling , he talked, but that's how it should be, no reason for him to have to work so hard, he kept to himself mostly ,and always was friendly to me and mine. i can't figure how we all didn't think to check on him, on my trips back and forth from my daughter's house i would see him on the porch or getting in his car , i was so caught up in the remodel project, i didn't think when i didn't see him for a while or that his mail was pileing up. he had family but i never saw anyone visit.met the daughter first time this week . so. even though many say it check on your neighbor or seniors , DO IT , REMEMBER we'll all be old some day. thanks for letting me vent.
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Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:11 am

Sounds like a tough week Joe. Thanks for the reminder to check on our neighbors. Extreme heat can push anyone to their limit, especially the elderly. Here in the Central Valley, California, we are in a short heat wave. It has been 104 for a couple of days and will heat up a couple of degrees over this weekend before cooling off. Most towns and all cities have many 'Cooling Centers' open for the public to use. But most of the elderly do not go when they should. Some of the elderly have mobility issues, and even though they may have wheelchairs or electric scooters, it is still very difficult for them to take these trips on their own.

We have been enjoying a nice summer so far. The few day we have had near 100 degrees included a nice breeze. Usually when it heats up here, there is like no wind at all, like today.

Today is PERFECT!

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Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:19 am

Very sorry to hear about your family member and neighbor Joe.

It's been nasty here in the Midwest,one city had 111 heat index last week on Wednesday. I was near there working on a house in the countryside,surrounded by trees that stopped the breeze and the site was a sopping wet mud hole,very nasty,even working indoors.What little breeze there was seemed to stop 3' inside the windows. I was sweat soaked from head to thigh.

Soon today I'm going to see my son and his family,I'm trying to think of cool activities,the very damp wooded areas are FULL of bugs n skeeters right now so that's out. It's looking like a kid friendly restaurant might be the ticket.