Anybody got a hay rake?

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Sat May 08, 2010 7:37 pm

I just rode the yard across the street,it had last year long dry grass *plus* the long new growth from this year,some of it 1' long. Today was it's 1st mowing in a loooong time! It was a little damp(I was "dry" :shock: ),especially in the longest grass,did some spinning on a rough hill but kept at it since the deck didn't plug. My yard was done about a week ago so I was able to step it up to 3rd gear and do it fast.

Now I need that hay rake! :lol:. Across the street could be wind-rowed,bailed and stored for livestock! I think I'll just let it dry tomorrow and run over it again to spread/mulch it around. The rider earned it's keep today,I wouldn't have wanted to do that on my old smaller one,woulda been 1st gear clutch work all the way.

I've had some down time lately and decided to do some work here in the park for the landlord.Almost had a floor project but he said the last renters trashed the place and he's gonna pull it out of here completely and just rent the lot. There were holes their dog scratched through the floor,the sub-floor that is! and the whole place just reeked of animals, all I ever saw/heard over there was this yappy little orangish thing but the place smelled like a dang indoor zoo,,,,nasty.

Well,I was just bored and it's been slow here on the forum anyway so I thought "what harm could some general chatter do?". I didn't hurt you did I? Didn't think so.

Have a good one.


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Sun May 23, 2010 6:19 pm

We could use your mower for the darned weeds we have in our back yard. It keeps raining so often, that we've had no time to mow it.

And now that it's finally sunny outside, our A/C broke down, and it's 88 degress here in the house. So no hard work for'd be impossible to cool down, and there's the risk of heat stroke.

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