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lil bit o humor

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:46 am
by joedirt63
i recieved a advertizment , and along with it were a few jokes, thought i would share. Men don't get lost, we just find alternitve destinations: A DOC and the husband were talking about his wife, doc says ,your wife's mind is gone. the man turns to him and said," I'm not surprized, she's been giveing me a piece of it for the past 25 years". Ok to be fair . Two women were talking dureing brunch about giveing to the poor, the one said makes me feel good to give, why just yesterday i gave a beggar 25.00 . her friend said "wow, thats alot of money,what did he say"? the woman replied my husband said thank you very much hon, the reason a new bride dosen't get lucky on her wedding night is she didn't marry the best man. yeah think about that one for a bit and you'll get it.