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Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:09 pm

Hello everyone,

Well, it has been almost two years since we had to relocate from the MH park. I have been past it a few times. The property has been for sale for awhile now, weeds grow up all over and now they are starting to cut down all the trees. We are living near the downtown area of Appleton in a house that was built in 1921, but I still miss living out on the edge of town in our old place. I used to watch deer across the road, and we had a pair of Mallards that would return every year to the water filled ditch in the spring. Recent projects I have started or completed are building a computer desk for myself and starting one for my wife, who is enrolled in Technical College to be a dental assisstant.

Bye for now,
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Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:36 pm

Hi Bill,can't say I remember Ya but I may have been otherwise engaged trippin round the net 2 years ago,welcome back anyhow.

Used to hear coyotes travel past here but lately it's just been a few neighborhood cats roaming(I don't mind them)or cuddling up on my rider seat,and,the squirrel that jumps from the pine to my roof and runs across my head,for some reason I get a kick out of that every time. :lol:

I like to see critters when out cruising the gravels and do I brake for animals. I did see what looked to be a young badger on the road this morning.