Rock Bottom Water Bill

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Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:58 am

OH how much I love to save money! :-)

So, my husband has been living in his current doublewide home with a water bill starting at approximately $45 and when his brother and sister moved in, around $88. I moved in and it remained about the same until (drum roll please!) I began to read online about living off the grid.
[The concept is simple. The harder you work to produce for yourself, the less money you need to make!]
My reading helped me to understand that a bath (for example) is not about pampering yourself or taking an hour to relax. A bath is about getting clean. And how much water do you REALLY need to accomplish that?? About 2 gallons. Yep. That's right.

Check this out: "Q: How much water does the average residence use during a year?
A:Over 100,000 gallons (indoors and outside)" and Q: How much water is used in the average five-minute shower?
A: 15-25 gallons"
(( ... facts.html))

All this to say...we began JUST the shower idea in the middle of February. Just in the 2 weeks we committed to this low water usage, our water bill dropped to $52!!! In the coming months we will endeavor to keep it at the minimum $33 (for 0-5000 gallons every two months) our water company will charge. :-)

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Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:30 am

Well done!

I use a low flow shower head,I forget exactly the gpm. Even though I live alone I don't like to waste. Plus I am set up where it is safe enough to leave water dripping (**not** recommended here on MHR ) in the coldest of weather so I want to offset the waste from that any way I can. If the water will stay warm in the pipe for a few minutes then you can shut it off with the button at the shower head,soap up,then turn it on to rinse,thus,saving even more water.All a body really needs is to soap up and rinse off,,the showers that "blast" ya clean are nice but not a need by any means. Oh yeah,I also use the low flow aerator on the faucets throughout the house.

I have a pressure washer but I don't use it on vehicles,only to clean the exterior of the house maybe once a year so I can inspect it,for the most part the rain keeps it clean enough. If I need to paint something outdoors I will pressure wash it to prep it and/or it works wonders to clean treated decks/porches when they get slippery/dangerous.

All that said,,,folks with more severe body aches might need a long hot soak,,but then,,that is therapy ,,not a luxury.

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Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:47 pm

Conservation is a good idea but realistically only works for those that derive enjoyment from saving as it does impose a restricted life style.
For those that can afford not to save the conservation band wagon is usually a short lived fad.
An individual must enforce his own meaning in life and rise above the perceived conformity of the masses. (Anton LaVey)