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Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:12 pm

Hi everyone!

First would like to say Thank you all very much for the calls, emails and personal messages via the site! It is endearing to know that many of you think about us when our weather gets nasty. In the course of a year we try to check on many!

NC weather has really turned nasty since last night. Although 4 inches of snow is nothing to you Northerner's it is a real PITA in the south. :shock: (Remember I am a former Vermonter) We have had some bitter cold snaps this winter and as of last evening we got snow, sleet, freezing rain more snow and now it is sleeting, wind blowing like crazy and cold as hmmm out there!

My car is sitting in the middle of the back yard away from all trees and power lines. We have a huge loblolly pine about 80 feet tall that has been popping, cracking and dropping limbs left and right from the weight of the ice. Many other trees that the limbs are bending towards the ground.Thankfully we still have power. Even if it does go out we are fine, the generator is on standby with several gas cans waiting.

DOT is still asking everyone to stay off the roads, no problem here, southerners can't drive in this weather. Have plenty of groceries and everything we could possibly need...except safe roads! I think it is suppose to start clearing up by tomorrow, then of course the clean up will begin! Hope the chainsaw is running.

Now let me say this, since we bought this home almost 4 years ago, we have done extensive repairs! Insulating walls, attic space, underbelly, new doors and windows and caulked and recaulked everything that needed to be. We also went ahead and got a new heating system, personally I like gas packs. Yes, we have put alot into this home but while everyone is screaming about their electric bill...mine went up less than $8.00 (not a typo) during a real cold snap, and Christmas lights twinkling. I can not say enough how great the benefits are when you do the proper home improvements! I know you are thinking my gas (propane) bill must be huge. My tank was full in October. We turned the heat on intermittenly in Oct..first delivery for fuel was Jan 9,2010. It took exactly 87.7 gals to fill the tank for 4 months usage, and that time frame includes one week of very below average cold temps day and night. Soooo, I just wanted to say, that YES, it does pay itself back in a very short period of time. Our first winter here was over $2000.00 in propane! That is not a typo either! Seems every year with even more improvements we save a little more in some areas. So while you are filing your taxes this year check out the energy rebates way the pros and cons of your home, wallet and current cost...

Again, Thanks soooo much for thinking of us!

HAGN, and stay warm!

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