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Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:39 am

Well folks I know it's been a coons age since I've written but I drop by every chance I get and read as time permits. Things are starting to slow down now as I'm putting any more remodeling off until after hunting season. Time to put the tools away and clean up and get ready for cool weather. This year I replaced the floor from the kitchen to the bathroom, put a wall in to seperate the computor room from the new water-closet, finished the trimwork and hung new shelves and finally finished the back door. Arrrghhh! Next spring it's time to start on the outside. Skirting, a bit of landscaping and sundry other jobs. Ohh...and still have to put a new window in the hallway. And redo some siding where a window was on the south wall. And mebbe Elastomere the roof. And....%$#(!...I'll never be finished..eh? Well for now it's time to enjoy some days spent afield in falls beauty. Ya'll take care now. Audie..the Oldfart. (P.S...still looking for a home for these pesky kittens..any takers?)

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Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:27 pm

Hey Audie,

Great hearing from you! Now you know those kittens/cats are not that pesky, they are keeping the nasty mice away. That makes them worth something.

What you hunting for up there in PA? I've been to Johnstowns/Brownstown twice this summer.

Umm, as far as completing renovations...I am gonna have to say NO, you will never really be done. Once the reno's are done then it is time to go back around and do the periodic maintenance.

With all that you have done I would guess that your home will be much warmer this winter...

Good luck with your hunting and let us know what you kill, don't forget the recipes though that go with the various game...

Take care,

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