need help convincing in-laws/what do you think?

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Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:13 pm

My in-laws live in a 1982 double wide in horrible condition. It has basically never had any maintence done. They were both recently considered disabled by the government, but before that they had no income resource so the house has gone way down hill. I don't know the cost of a small used trailer and need some help here.

My question is would it be better to have their mobile home fixed up or replace with a used one? My father-in- law doesn't like any changes in life and doesn't adjust well (PTSD from war), so he is going to be hard to convince. My mother-in-law prays daily for a change.

Here are the list of known problems!
1. The roof is sagging and leaking.
2. Many parts of the sub-flooring are rotted and you have to know where to step so you don't end up falling through the floor. Then of course you have to replace the carpet.
3. There was never any heating or air in this unit. So they use window units and space heaters.
4. There is at least one wall that is sagging.

I am so afraid that one of them is going to get hurt by their crumbling home.

It seems that the cost of repairs would be well into the $15K range and it makes more sense to replace this unit.

Any words of advice?

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Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:55 pm

Living in that home is probably a health hazzard. I'd get them out asap, or get the help of the local authorities and have it condemned. Then they'd have to find something different.

As far as repairs, it's not worth it. Once the repairs start, you'll find other problems and before you know it, you'll have $25,000 sunk into it.

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Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:44 pm


I agree with Mark here 100%. At this time, it would no longer be their choice or more likely, your FIL's choice.

When a choice involves detrimental health for someone and their spouse, it is time to get them help and intervene on their behalf.

That is unfortunate and sad, but with one avoiding the issues and the other praying for it, no way to please both.

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Fri Jul 31, 2009 4:02 am


So sorry for your situation! I completely agree with what has been said already.

The repairs that you know of are high dollar fixes to have it done properly. It sounds as though this home has become unsafe. In the best interest of your In Laws I believe it is time to find them a safer home.

I do not know the area that you live, but a used 10 year old 16x80
single wide in my area runs about $8,000.00. Of course this does not include moving it, permits, utilities, set up...but none the less cheaper than repairing what they have.

Good luck with your situation and please keep us posted.

I am going to move this thread to the Off Topic Forum as it is not about repairing the home. Should you decide to attempt that massive and expensive undertaking we will gladly give you the advice that you will need.

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Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:09 pm

My mom is the same way. She is 68 years old. She complains about the condition of her house but will not let me fix anything.

I tell her just buy one thing every week, one week a piece of plywood, the next week a concrete block. She won't budge.

If you complain to the authorities their house may be condemned and then they will be homeless or living with you.

I fear the only solution is to get her a brand new house... When I get rich and famous.
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