Need help to buy a Non-Silent Core Granite Blade

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Hello Guys, this forum is a great and very informative forum.

I need your suggestions, I need to buy a Spam Core Granite Blade but I have no idea about it. I was searching on the internet, while searching I found an impressive website They are selling Spam Core Granite Blade. Now please tell me, Should I buy Spam Core Granite Blades? And finally, spam spam spam.

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Hopefully this is not spam.

Anytime someone gets granite counters they are generally made to order, hence no need for the item you are mentioning.

I moving this to Off Topic as it is not a repair question.

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Granite is not the type of material that you really want to try cutting. Even a perfect cut will require polishing if it is going to be seen.

Most rental houses have wet saws & Diamond blades, I can assure you that you really don't want to spend the money for a blade to make 1 or 2 cuts. Greg
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Spam will not cut granite, no matter how hard you throw it, even if you leave it in the can.

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