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Well folks I know it's been a coons age since I wrote but I've been right smart busy. I have been stopping in a coupl'a times a week to read just haven't had much time to post. Anyways...I spent all of May hunting turkeys here in our Spring Gobbler Season. I mean every moment I could and then some. I walked miles and wasted a bunch'a hours when I could be working. On the upside heading out into the fields at 4:30 each morning I got to see a lot of fantastic sunrises! I saw a lot of gobblers, tons of hens, foxes, deer and bunnies etc. etc. etc.! One morning my hen turkey decoy was straffed and severly abused by a huge red-tailed hawk! What a sight. Didn't know a hawk would tangle with a full sized turkey! I also dozed off one morning and toppled out of my chair right into a multi-flora rose bush. That was quite an experience! Never had an oppertunity I cared to take with my old flintlock but got to watch a lot of gobblers struttin' their stuff. (out of range of course!!) Well, it's time to git back to work on the house. Next project is r/r the floor from the kitchen to the bathroom. ARRRGGGHHH! Tons of fun. Ya'll take care and I'll stop in from time to time. Audie..the Oldfart! :)
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Well a big Helllllo to you.

Been wondering where you went, almost sent you an email inquiring as to your absence.

Saw your post in the Computer Questions forum, not anything I can give a definitive answer, there are many here who can help you. Congrats on the upgrade.

Glad to see you back and look forward to your future postings.

Kitchen to bathroom floor upgrades...ugh, better you than me!

Off to the pool for a few hours!

Take care,

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