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Fri Apr 27, 2007 7:52 pm

Sad is having to go to a 20 year old boys wake today.

I worked with Robert for a few years when he had just got out of high school at 18. He wanted to learn as much as he could about cars and had a desire for all things fast.
He was quick to learn and soon had built his own little sporty Honda civic with racing cams and loud exhaust like most guys his age like.
He always had a smile, and his favorite saying was " it will be alright!" no matter what, he always had a positive outlook.
He was so full of energy I could never keep him busy enough.
He used to do back flips off the top of the dumpster at work, he was like a stunt man.
He never left home, never got an apartment of his own, never got married, and was on the waiting list to become a Florida State Trooper. He was 21 days away from turning 21 and even had a count down clock on his My Space site.
He and his parents were locals at the Church I attend and he always helped out anyone who needed it. He always was respectful and never hurt anyone.
The second month he was at work with us he wrecked his bike and hurt his leg pretty bad, he was in a cast for 7 weeks and had to pay his own hospital bills. I told him then he needed to be careful, but his reply to me was, it will be alright!
This past Sunday I was working on the roof line of my project trailer I have shared so much about with so many of you on here, and the phone rang. His best friend who he got a job with us as well, called me to tell me that Robert had come upon a car wreck that a drunk driver had been racing in and had hit the center barrier wall, when Robert attempted to go around the car, he did not see the 16 year old girl, run out from the passenger side, and he hit her head on killing her, and throwing him and he also died.
I was in complete shock and disbelief.
How could something so tragic happen? Why was a 16 year old girl out at 3:00 a.m. with 26 year old previously convicted of a DUI and who again was driving drunk? Why did Robert not slow down when he came upon the accident? He must have been going pretty fast from what the Medical Examiner told me.
The Medical Examiner is a customer at my job and just happened to come in yesterday and I asked him if he had heard about Robert and he said yes, that he is the one who worked on Robert and the 16 year old girl.
I realize this is not the normal off the wall topics usually discussed on here, but I am in shock, and I am angry and confused and wanted to vent. so please accept my apologies if I overstepped my bounds here. I merely wanted to talk to the only group of people I feel comfortable talking to.

He will be sorely missed... the world is a better place for having known him,.. but a sadder place with him gone.

May he rest easy.


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Fri Apr 27, 2007 8:07 pm

Tim, as I always say, we are all family here. I am sorry for your loss. Some times things happen that we will never make sense out of, it is just something that we have to accept as not fair. As for what a 16yr old was doing out with him is something that her parents will have to deal with. That is one of the problems with DUI, it is usually the innocent ones that get killed, I hope the driver is now facing 2 counts of manslaughter at the very least. Greg
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Fri Apr 27, 2007 8:31 pm

Hi Tim,

What a tragic loss! I extend my condolences to you and all those that knew him.

Unfortunately you may never know or even understand all that happened that night...the one thing you have not lost is your precious memories of a dear friend, that is something that no one can ever take from you.

No problem at all venting, as we have said before, this is a big MH Repair family.

Again, so sorry for the needless loss of your friend.

Take care,

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Fri Apr 27, 2007 8:45 pm

My condolences to you and the accident victims loved ones. What a hard thing to have to accept. The loss of young people is always so tragic. You just never see it coming. I feel really bad for the parents of those kids.

Today is PERFECT!

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Sat Apr 28, 2007 12:30 am

Oh Tim, that's always such sad news! We always wonder why children and young people are taken so early. There is no one answer, only the big guy knows for sure.

Our youngest son is about the same age. Every time he gets in his car I say a prayer... big time! I nag, but at that age, they think they are super human and bad things will never happen to them.

In his junior year of high school, he lost 2 good friends on their way to school one morning. They were sisters, one their way to school early for basketball practice. No one knows why, but their car drifted into the other lane, into oncoming traffic. A chevy suburban t-boned their little car. They were both gone in an instant.

I keep a small photo of both girls near his bedroom door. Just to remind him that bad stuff can happen to anyone! These were good girls! High grades, involved in sports big time, they weren't out late at night. The oldest received a full scholarship to Georgetown the day she died.

No one knows why these things happen, and it really hurts when it does, but the big guy, who ever that might be to you and everyone else, really does have a plan.

Cherish him and remember him. Let him know that his short life did make a difference in your life and others!

Maureen 8)
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Sat Apr 28, 2007 6:46 am

Thank you to every one for your comforting words they mean allot. every one here is so helpful and thougtful.
It is sad to lose anyone, especially so young. It is a sad reality that happens to so many people every day, and we see it all over the news which would make you think we would be prepared for it when it happens to someone we know and love, but it still hits you so hard.
Thank you all again.


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Sat Apr 28, 2007 8:33 am

Our hearts go out to you and all those who were affected by this. Parents should not have to bury their children.

Jim and Sal
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