Spray Texture, Oil or Water Base

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After using both Oil Base and Water Base Spray Texture made by Homax, I found that the Oil Base leaves nicer "Lumps",BUT it is SMELLY, oh wow SMELLY.

Be sure you have an exhaust fan running and DO WEAR A MASK. The large 2 filter type might work better then the little Surgical type that come in a 2 pack.
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LOL,I just used a can of that on a small 2 patch job to match orange peel. It wasn't worth it to start/drive the truck and then drag out the compressor/hose/hopper and mix texture. $12 for a spray can,leftover plastic/mask tape and just took the car to wet sand the patches and used the Homax.

Good stuff for small repairs and yes,it does have some nasty fumes,I agree with using a respirator with filters suitable for oil base paint fumes,,those dust masks don't even stop dust,just lessen it.