dishwasher water hot while hot water heater is off....

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Brenda (OH)
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my friend selected her dishwasher because it heated the incoming hot water to a higher temperature.

if the hot water tank were turned off, would that style of dishwasher be able to heat cold water all the way up to hot? someone posted that type of situation on the repair forum.

Brenda (OH)
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I will be watching this for answers...LOL
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There may be specs in the manual that states(chart)incoming/outgoing temp rise,,sorta like a tankless water heater manual..The best way to test it would be to shut the water heater down,let it cool,do a load,open it and see how hot/steamy it is inside,,,this might not work so well if the dishwasher is set to dry automatically.

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Hi Brenda

Yes. Today's dishwashers can and do heat the water.

Aside from the roof leak, soft floors, rats, mice and bursted plumbing ........ how do you like it?

Simple test: With water heater off check water temperature at a faucet at same time as the dishwasher is running, if water at faucet is not hot
then heating coil in dishwasher is heating it.
I know my dishwasher which is about 2 years old
has a coil in the bottom of it which maintains water temperature of water after washer fills and also acts as dryer coil at end of wash cycle.
Barb P
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My Kenmore would, but it would take forever.
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Just found this one but wanted to tell my experiance on the subject. In our first mobile home we installed a dishwasher with the help of a friend who said because it made it's own hot water it didn't need to be hooked into the hot water line. We hooked it into the cold side to save money.....

It never worked well and NEVER got up to temp like it should have. I wouldn't think it's a good thing...

It is what it is
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Right now I use a portable dishwasher and I've found that it doesn't matter if I turn on the hot or cold water when I connect it to the sink because the dishwasher heats the water pretty quickly.