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((( I have a 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88, 3.8 liter engine. I made a uturn today and it went into neutral gear. I shifted and put back into drive and then it went back into gear. It has done this before, usually while making a quick sharp turn. It also seemed to jump into neutral for a minute when I almost slowed to a stop then put on the gas again ))))
this maybe the prob.

I think you should check the motor and trany mounts sound like eng is rasing and kicking out of gear. This happened to me on a car I owned. If motor mounts are bad your motor will raise on one side when doing tight turns and on fast excelerating.
If tranny mount is bad back of tranny and motor will move from one side to the other
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You might want to be sure that the Tranny fluid is up to the proper level and that it is the proper grade. Might be a pressure drop when cornering or stopping fast. worth a try.
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Hubby said that it could be the mounts too. It hasn't done it anymore though.