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It's almost tax time! Whoohoo!

Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:28 am
by Teresa73
I can't wait for our tax refund! I have sooo much I want to do to the home this year, because YOU ALL gave me such great ideas and help lol So, I'll just blame you guys and gals when hubby wonders why half his refund is coming home in Lowes or Home Depot bags LoL

Yet, I wonder at what point in life did I go from get excited over rock concerts and cruising, to darn near fainting in glee over gardening season and the thought of buying paint for a trailer *laughs*

Ah, who cares! It's closer to Spring and it's almost time for uncle sam to give us back some of our bucks so I can decorate and .. maybe put in a new floor.. perhaps paint the home inside.. a new shower stall..

<drifts off daydreaming about home decor and MH repairs>

Sweet dreams y'all and see ya later!

~ Teresa

P.S. Anybody else planning on something for the MH with part of your refund?

RE: It's almost tax time! Whoohoo!

Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:42 am
by gemini5618
Hi Teresa,

Yeah, I'm planning to use my tax refund for repairs. I've had a ceiling/wall line leak for a while that's ruined a spot in my dining room floor and the framing under the window in the dining area.

My handyman is supposed to be giving me a quote on gutters to solve the leakage, as well as the inside repairs. I'll be using my refund minus the $300 personal property tax I have to give to the county. It's a good thing I had a little money saved, I've got a feeling I'm only going to be able to stop the leak and not fix the damage till later.

My home is a 1999 16x80 Southern Energy home. There is no overhang on the back side of the house and the trim they used at the top of the vinyl siding allows water to get behind the siding at the top and run behind the plywood at the roof line. At my dining room window area there is a seam in the trim about 3 inches from a seam in the vinyl siding so it's double trouble at that point. Water gets behind the plywood and comes out through the window between the outside window and the inside storm window. Needless to say it's a mess.

"Regular house" gutters seems to be the easiest and best looking fix to the problem I'm having.

If anyone has any other ideas (short of totally residing the home) feel free to let me know.


RE: It's almost tax time! Whoohoo!

Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 5:49 pm
by Teresa73
Wow Julie,

That does seem like a huge mess to deal with :( I noticed this winter that I had ice and mold starting in my window sills - and my MH is only a 1995 or around there. Have to love how MH manufacturers skimp to save a buck, and we end up paying for it. >.<

I myself am looking into gutters for a stick house, with the *thinks* built in screens on them. The maintence man here says he knows a man who knows a man --- who can do it for under $400 since I'm only a 16x80 MH ... that would be nice, but I'm leery of saving a buck and ending up with some weird thrown together ghetto gutter LoL

I wonder why so many newer MH are made without gutters, do they think we don't need them? I hate the snow freezing on the siding into ice, or the rain running right down the outside walls of my home. Makes a big stinking mess if you ask me.

Keep me updated on how it turns out with your gutter fix or repairing the leak. I'm sure lots of people here could give you great money saving advice on how to do it yourself (or do at least some of it yourself). Right now I'm reading there repair book and have spent the last hour cleaning my furnace of cobwebs and dust bunnies like they say to do here.

Even for all the questions and complaints fo MH living though, I still love knowing I have a beautiful nice cozy home for about $300,000.00 less than the people across the street from us lol With the economy in a slump, us MH owners don't seem so silly now do we. *smiles*

- Teresa

Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 5:56 pm
by Greg
Well you can always tell the people that get refunds, Must be nice to have deductions, Ours have all aged out and I haven't figured out how to claim the dogs.

Have fun spending my money!!! Greg

Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:06 pm
by Teresa73
Greg wrote:Well you can always tell the people that get refunds, Must be nice to have deductions, Ours have all aged out and I haven't figured out how to claim the dogs.

Have fun spending my money!!! Greg
LoL Greg!!! Putting up with the kids all year earns us that bonus
(I think)... little buggers are expensive to raise too. But saddly,
one day they will grow up and leave me :( and take the money
with them :cry: then I'll be alone AND broke LoL

Probably turn into one of those nutty cat/dog ladies to boot. :shock:

Maybe you could ask Obama about claiming dogs, they seem to
be as bad if not worse than raising children :wink:

RE: It's almost tax time! Whoohoo!

Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:37 pm
by Yanita
I hear ya Greg, never quite enough deductions to get a decent return back. Anything we get back generally gets thrown into the change container and every year we wrap it up and it goes into accounts for the grankids!

Now as for any plans to decorate...always...our home always seems to be a work in progress and we have been here 3 years in May!

I always say one more room to go, that's our kitchen, but I forgot about one of the bedrooms. guess the bedroom will need nothing more than new carpet and paint, nothing major.

Now the kitchen, dam if I have not got about 6 different ideas and can't seem to decide which way I want to go. I do have the color scheme chosen, and I already have really nice appliances.

Now don't laugh, but my counter tops we got for free. Not what I had originally planned but they may work. Hubby took the trash to the dump last Sat as usual. There is a huge recycle area at our dumps...he came home with brand new counter tops complete with back splashes...all in a really pretty grey/black tones...fits with my color scheme. These even have the stickers still on them!

Another good luck find, or in the right place at the right of my customers is doing a kitchen reno...said I could have her over the range micro and she had a big deep, double white sink. Complete with the fancy faucet, the end detaches and is a sprayer.

So with these new finds already in my storage I think I have saved roughly 1600.00! Woo Hoo, what to do! Am thinking that the saved money will go into flooring, once we demo the kitchen I will also have to replace the vinyl in the dining room. These 2 rooms are open to each other. I really like the vinyl that is down now and its only 3 years old...but none the less it will have to get changed out.

Can't even begin to talk about gardening...IMO, I still have thousands of dollars to go to get my yard where I want it to be.

We have a huge front and back yard! I personally like the english cottage style gardens so that will require alot of plants for an acre. Still want paver walk ways and the water garden enlarged...again! Need 2 more arbors and finish the pool deck. Ohhhh, I could certainly go on about all the wants I want for outside!

Ohh, and Greg if you read this...NO, I do not want a free dishwasher, Hubby says I do just fine!

Anyways, you get the idea!


Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:43 pm
by Greg
Teresa, A word of warning, They DON'T leave, they return, and they bring MORE with them!!!! AND you can't claim ANY of them!!!!

Oh yes they take your money, and they teach their young how to take it also!!! Greg

RE: It's almost tax time! Whoohoo!

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 11:09 am
by oldfart
Aye Teresa..the point where one becomes more enthralled with gardening/making home improvements than the next rock concert is called..maturity. Ahhh yes...I remember the days of yore. Tie-dyed shirts and bell-bottomed jeans. Nowadays it's stained T-shirts and my bell-bottoms have turned topsy-turvy. (Wider at the top than the bottom..!) HAW!HAW!HAW! I traded in my bong for an old corn-cobb pipe. Now it's Cherry-Blend Pipe ta'baccy..and I can still remember what I did yesterday. Uhhh..more or less..puddy much so anyways....most of the time. Old age doth sucketh. I left my waist-long locks of hair some time close-cropped and gray as an old mule. I swapped dimples fer wrinkles about 20yrs. ago. Ohh..I still have dimples..but on different cheeks now! :) I used to laugh at seeing those old men sitting on their porches as I rode by on my fast motorcycle. (Norton 750 with Manley oversized valves and 140mph. back in the 70's..) Now I understand. I rekkin' I'll just tuck that refund into an account for my grandkids. Meanwhile I'll jest sit here and watch the sun rise.... and Lord willing... see another sunset. Audie..the oldfart. yer message but unable to respond at present. I'm still de-buggered. Write me...oldfa[email protected] net

RE: It's almost tax time! Whoohoo!

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:23 pm
by Harry

The newest bailout bill passed.

And I'm getting $13 less per week withholding tax.



Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 9:31 am
by Greg
OH YA, $13 a week, that will really help the economy!!! Greg