wedding rehearsal dinner ideas

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my son is getting married next spring and we will be responsible for the wedding rehearsal dinner.. I want to do a glitz and glamour theme..semi formal...the wedding is very formal. any ideas would be great appreciated....thanks macmom
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Congrats Macmom on another DIL.

Hey Maureen this is right up your alley!

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Congrats macmom, I suppose a limo in the McDonalds drive thu is out of the question. Greg
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LOL Greg! But yeah, that's my idea of fine dining right now!

No really, yes, weddings are my world right now!

Now, is the rehearsal dinner at a restaurant or your home? If at a restaurant, then the restaurant, sets the theme. Choose something fancy, if you're trying matching brides family with cost. This year, glitz means lots of silver accents. Make sure everyone is in dressed in evening attire.

Now, this is different for the younger folks these days LOL! Not to mention, younger folks can't always afford an extra set of clothes. Keep this in mind, Bridesmaids have already paid for dresses, and groomsmen have rented tuxes! That's a huge chunk out of their budget right there! Extra attire for the rehearsal dinner also comes out of their budget! I have so many emails from the bridal party asking ... how do they afford this? They're pulling out their hair!

I am blessed with hearing both sides of the wedding saga these days!

I always advise to go a middle ground. You can provide an elegant rehearsal dinner, and still keep it affordable to the wedding party! Let the guys wear a nice shirt and tie, instead of another full suit that they have to buy, or rent! Let the girls wear something very Spring like! Light, airy little dresses that they can afford at Nordstorm's or Wal Mart. You can marry casual and elegant very easily. Just think think a little outside the normal wedding box.

You can always email me directly for more ideas! Give me the wedding colors!

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