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Spyware Doctor for free. Download Google Pack at www.pack.google.com & check off Spyware Doctor Starter Edition. If you go to PC Tools web site & download, it will give you the paid trail version that scans but won't remove. My friend has Trend Micros PC- Cillin Internet Security Suite he paid $60 bucks for, and he scanned his comp and found 1 spyware cookie. I downloaded this on his computer as a bet that his scanner missed stuff. What a mind blower-it found over 350 infections!!!!! Most were adware & tracking cookies but it also found 30 Trojans!!! 7 Hijackers!!!! & 7 worms!!!
My neighbour Mary found 47 infections on her computer and she runs a paid for security suite also. I personally found 2 Trojans on my comp that were password-user name stealers. scary stuff because I run very tight security on my computer. you can also get Norton Security Scanner from that site as a secondary scanner though its not as effective a scanner as Spyware Doctor Starter Edition. Try it I can guarantee you will find something nasty! and best of all it will remove it for free! p.s it is a safe and clean program offered by Google.