Update on my Army Boys!

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Fri Sep 21, 2007 12:48 am

Ya know, I thought I was in mommy melt down these days, but I think Warren is missing them just as much, he just won't own up to it! Dang is he cranky these days! LOL! Especially when he has to do their chores! Garbage day. today was fun in the snow LOL! Okay, not so much for Warren, but he's had had about 25 years of boys to do it for him. Big old shock to him! We have to drag our garbage about 50 yards to the county street. He's not buying the extra exercise little speech I gave him. Oh well! Just wait until he has to get up on the roof and seal the swamp cooler for the Winter!

Anyway, We got our first letter from Ryan yesterday! I was thrilled to get that! Just a few paragraphs, but he sounded great! He was still in reception at Ft Benning. A few hours later, I got a call from the cell phone. I was sooo surprised! I didn't really know whether it was Daniel or Ryan. Caller ID came through. They share a family plan under Ryan's name.. and only the last 2 digits are different. I was so shook up that I couldn't remember who was who! It was Ryan! He sounded worn out and tired. He was getting ready to go down range to BCT. We got to talk for about a half hour... very cool!

He got smoked quite a few times in reception because of other newbies. That means major, repetitive tasks, per the drill sargent in charge. One night he spent 4 hours running up a hill, back down, changing from army PT uniforms to his army uniform. It's the old work together as a team thing. On the other hand, in reception he was feed steak and lobster on more then on occasion! Overall, he's happy!

I'm still waiting to hear from Daniel. Ft Knox and his training is a lot tougher! I'm sure he's doing okay, but I can't wait until I hear from him also! Granted, we sort of adopted him, but he is such a great kid that just needs someone who cares. Should hear something from him by Tuesday of next week. Crossing my fingers there!

Oh, and if Ryan gets in the right company, or one of them, They now share photos online of basic training! How cool is that of their 1st Sargent's? These guys try to keep family members updated these day! Go figure! Not all do, but I'm praying that Ryan gets into one of these companies!

Okay, enough mommy melt down for now! The first few weeks are the hardest, bear with me! So proud, but at the same time so worried these days!

Off to take care of more Winterizing before the next snow flakes fall!

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