How do you secure your sliding glass door?

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I know how to secure it from the inside, with a piece of a wooden beam, but that's only good when I'm home or if I go out I have to leave by the back door. Which is normally fine but when it's raining I don't want to drip water on my laminate wood floor by walking around to the back door.

Is there a way to secure it other than the lock it comes with from the outside?
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One of these works:


Is there an existing lock on the outside?
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I like this style the most. Sometimes they put one on the bottom and one on the top of the moving door. You push the pin down into the grove or hole to lock and then just push the front to release when you want it to open. The one in this picture even has a second hole that when you have it in the back hole the door is open about six inches but it still can not be opened any farther.


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Have a blocking device in place in the track to prevent the door from being fully opened from the outside. The track-blocker should allow the door to be opened up to six inches, but no farther. All you really to do is to place a strong wooden dowel or metal rod into the track so the door can't be slid open. A more serious option is the "charley bar," a metal bar that attaches to the door frame and extends to the edge of the sliding part of the door. When not in use, the bar folds up out of the way against the frame. There are also track-blocking devices that can be screwed in place.
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