Update On Fire Damage!

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Mon Jul 23, 2007 11:16 pm

We've spent every spare moment working on my brother's home this past week.

With each window, all frame work needed to be replaced due to rot. We still have both doors to replace yet. I know the front door that was broken down has a rotted frame. I can see that easily from the damage.

We've averaged at least one window per night this last week in his home. The doors will wait until this weekend. The next four days will take clearing out the burnt garbage from the sheds. Code says that has to be cleaned up within 2 weeks after a fire! He had a garbage bin delivered today. Remember, only the home was insured, not the out buildings. He has to fit that into his budget.

I've got one more week of working on his home, after work, then I'll be back! We've been putting in 18 hour days, both Warren and I. The boys have been helping a bit around their work schedules, and my brother's friends. Funny thing is that very few know how a mobile is constructed! Mark's manual has really had a work over this last week! It's almost falling apart LOL!

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