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Everytime the park shuts off the water for a repair when turned back on we always get bits of junk in our faucet airators. Is there a screen like one for a washing machine to put somewhere to stop this. How would I put one where the supply line comes from the park to the home ?
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Hi, my place has this thing called a whole house water filter. It looks very easy to install, for a plumber or a decent DIY'er, neither of which I am. All I have to do it is change the filter 4 times a year.
Available at Lowe's: Whirlpool Clear Whole House Water Filtration System

Item #: 89378 | Model #: WHKF-DWHBB

Available at Home Depot: DuPont Valve-in-head Whole House Water Filtration System Model # WFPF38001C
Internet # 203440239

I live in a very mineral rich water area. It seems to do a nice job at keeping all of the sediment and stuff from getting through and into the internal water system. I use the carbon wrap replacement filters, not the basic ones. If I can figure out how to get a picture from my phone to the computer I will upload a picture of how it looks in action. Hope this helps.
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Hi, I was able to upload the picture. This is what the whole house water filter looks like connected at my home. I think it does a very nice job at keeping the sediment and other water line clogging stuff from entering into the house plumbing lines. dave
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Yes, it would be wise to install a "Whole House Filter". Can be found at a HomeDepot or Lowes for reasonable prices. This will help with the "Dirt aka Sediment" but some may still pass through especially lime scale if your water is hard.
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