Finished Total MH Remodel:Photos!!

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Sun Sep 02, 2012 10:37 pm

We are finally finished with the total gut of the 1973 rental MH all new from floor,walls,roof well... everything lol. It has been a long time coming. If anyone remembers our journey. We started with the rental mh in Nov of 2009, with replacing the floor,from frame up, and got half done, when we realized we need to do our daughters mobile home next door first to make sure it was ready for her to move into when college started in the fall. We did the new roof in 2010,then started on the rental again in July 2011,worked all of July 2012 and finally finished all the last details in August and rented it already. If we did not live 3 hours away we would have had it done much sooner and if life,bad winters,kids sports,hubby working all weekends for a few months... life got in the way of finishing it .
I will post the complete albums and a few before/after photos.
Before album: ... UbMnDlm1cg
During album: ... UbMnDlm1dG
After Album: ... UbMnDlm1cx
I will post the before and after photos separately.

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Jim from Canada
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Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:13 am

Congrats on finishing. After 10 years, mine is still not done, lol.
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Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:04 pm

Melissa (did I get your name right?),
Just have to tell you that you (and your handy family) are the reason I even attempt anything around our place. I keep thinking "if DCDiva can do it, I can too!" Love your albums of the before, during and after - great job! I like to tell people about the way you folks put PEX inside your home instead of under your home - I hope we can do this someday soon. Meanwhile, I show your albums to my hubby and we just smile and nod over the photos of the rot, mold and disaster - we went under our bathroom that was supposedly "fixed" before we bought the place and had to pull down the underbelly and what can I say but we can soooo relate to your "before" photos :lol: But, your homes definitely were worse off than ours. Which makes the transformations all the more impressive~
If you could ever do more in-depth on how you do your PEX, that would be so helpful, but meanwhile, thanks for the inspiration for all us other women with mobiles! :D
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Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:07 pm

Yea Melissa in WV my name lol Thank you for saying all of the above!! One reason I do the albums is to encourage others to fix up their home or buy an older home. Many times you will see an older MH for low cost or free!! What an opportunity to own a home out right,no mortgage,no rent,no landlord(and I'm a landlord LOL) I do not want people to be afraid to remodel a MH,everyone gets stuck on the oh it's a MH I have to do everything different,nope just like a house in many ways. In all honesty I do not know if we would do a total gut to a MH to the extent we did these 2 MH,I think I have at minumum @ 10,000 in each and for 10,000 I could have bought a newer MH with very few problems.But zoning laws I could not replace them, but the flip side I have a brand new Mh in both MH's. I know exactly how it was built and know it will last a long time plus the lowest new very basic Mh I have found it over 25,000.
Pex is actually my 15 yo sons baby he is my main plumber lol most of the things he knows is from the internet lol and trial and error, he is a genius at anything he does,he just plumbed anew bathroom in a basement,jack hammered concrete for 3 days and had a complete 3 piece bathroom in a week. S0 you tube and the internet and good advice from Lowes for PEX really not hard to do and fast. The tools are an investment so a little $$,parts more expensive than pvc but I have had PVC fail me many times,especially in the cold vs pex it flexes with the temp and not bust like pvc. Bonus my son can have a whole bathroom plumbed in the time it would take a pvc to clean and glue dry for one piece.
As for women and MH's --my dad taught me a lot about everything from cooking to tractors and building---shop class or as an adult education class how to use tools should be a must! Even a friend or neighbor to teach the basics in safety and tool use, again the internet,great tool anything I buy or do or hire done I check out on the internet so I know a lot about any project so I do not get a bad job.