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I bought a 14" x 27" window to have installed in my bathroom. I need more light and I think it would be wonderful to be able to raise a window to help with the steam from taking showers. The question I have is it going to be a relatively easy install for someone who knows what they are doing? I'm hoping there's no wiring in the wall. I have a picture here of the outside wall. I would have the mirror removed and have the window installed to the left of the sink then put a smaller mirror on the wall above the sink.
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What kind of siding is on the outside?

Lots of things come into play but a qualified contractor should be able to install it. Just make sure you find a good contractor because they will need to cut into the wall, add a header and other framing, install the window, weatherproof the window, install trim, etc. If they don't do things right water can get in or you can have other problems. So my advice is I wouldn't hire some guy off the street or craigslist that says he can put windows in. Hire a qualified guy to do a good job. Also don't be suprised when the estimate is higher because of all the work involved.
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The siding is the modern siding you see on most new homes. The one thing I was worried about like you said is the fact that I could have a water leak if it's not done properly. I'll be sure to hire a qualified window installer. I'm pretty excited to get it done.
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I think a new small mirror would be better for this place. This large mirror is looking weird here but finally the new look of this wall will depend on the type of window that you want to install.

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my personal taste would be to add more lighting and even a skylight. i cant see myself looking into a window and shaving

you already have electrical inside the wall. get rid of the star above the mirror (its doing nothing) and add another light fixture or one that spans the width of the mirror.
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Well the new window I bought here from the Mobile Home Parts Store was installed. No more dark bathroom........ it's hard to believe how much light this small window gives me. It also lets in a nice breeze. I'm so glad I had it done.
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That looks great! Very functional too.
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