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Is it possible to get a mobile home door without the entire unit. My jamb seems like it's in good shape as is the storm door. However, the regular door is not in good shape at all. The dealer that I just bought the home from says that it only comes as a unit and that the unit is difficult to replace. They have offered to put in a kick plate to cover some of the damage. I would prefer a new door. They painted the jamb where some of the paint was peeling off. (At least that's what they said it was.) FYI, it is a brand new mobile home and I just bought it. Any suggestions?
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Since the dealer does not want to do anything, I would contact the manufacturer. Keep a log of who you talk to & when as well as pictures.

Doors typically are not too hard to replace, It sounds to me like they just don't want to mess with it.

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my brother and i recently replaced an old falling apart rickety metal door in my dads mobile home with a new wooden one. ordered it from home depot. so yes you can replace just the door.
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I just put 4 new exterior doors in a stick home - had to buy them with the fames but just discarded the frames. Should work just fine in a MH, too!