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I am putting in new carpet and I am afraid I might need to replace some of the wood flooring under the current carpet. My son let his cat use his closet as a litter box while I was away for work. There is a stronge urine smell and I dont want to put new carpet on top of this. I am afraid the urind has gone under the closet wall and I am not sure how to replace the flooring without taking out the wall. I do know this is not a load bearing wall at least.
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Kind of good news and bad news on this one. In the course of manufacture, the chassis is built, then the outriggers are added. The joists are laid and the floor is completed next, often along with any floor covering that is needed. The walls are then installed over the completed floor.

This could be good news if the closet is adjacent to a bathroom, since the vinyl floor covering may well extend under the carpet area which would save the day as far as the floor is concerned. When I replaced the carpet in my 2nd bedroom, I found the adjoining bathroom vinyl extended a full 6" into the bedroom!

On the down side, assuming the urine didn't go under the vinyl, it may be on top of the vinyl and could have been drawn into the wood at the base of the wall itself, so you could be looking at replacing part of the wall rather than the floor. You won't know for sure until you open it up and have a look!

Hope it goes well for you!

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Hi I have many rentals and we run into many smelly things when we rehab a home and I found a wonderful product I am loyal user and highly recommend to anyone with an odor especially pet urine odor--I buy the concentrate and add to water -- we bought a mobile home that the old owners left a new couch set BUT a male cat had sprayed it--you could not walk in to the mh,I sprayed it and the odor was gone--my dd uses the couch set everyday-- it is all expained on the web site--the main reason I looked for something online I had a bathroom with carpet in a rental we stayed in for many months while working on my dd's mh and the previous tennants were not happy we bought the house and peed all over the floor by the toilet--or their aim was way off--I could not get rid of the smell ordered odor x it and wow the odor was gone---it is worth trying it for $ 15 to make a gallon vs tearing out floors and possible walls--by the way I do not get a penny from this just a very happy user of the product and want to help anyone looking to get rid of an odor
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I am definitely going to check out this product. I have several pets that don't always observe the house rules and my dd has 3 boys. Need I say more? LOL