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I am hoping someone knows what this is; I get these black spots on my walls, refrigerator, and mini blinds. They are black and somewhat hard to clean off especially on the blinds, like a very fine dust or something. My walls, appliances, and blinds are white. I have lived in my home for 14 years and did not have these and noticed after I replaced my carpet with laminate flooring 2 years ago that they were appearing everywhere. I do have an extreme dust problem that I read in another post, however, this is different. I was thinking about getting yet another set of blinds and spraying them with static guard to see if it would help or eliminate the problem (at least on them). Any ideas or suggestions would be great!
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ever see some one dust for fingerprints, well seems like a similar thing only the dust flowing through the house is acting like the fingerprint dust, i'll bet most of the spots are where you touch with your hands, blinds, refrig certain areas of the wall,ect take note what you touch in association to these spots. it's the oil on your fingers collecting the dust.
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Odd that the marks are in line like that .... I wonder!

Do you have ceiling fans running? Possibly bugs being sucked into the fan, or an excess of dust bunnies on the fan?

The fingerprint theory sounds good, but the photo shows that you are not a regular curtain-peeper since the marks are descending over several sections of the blind. I'd go take a look at that fan myself :)

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Do you burn candles alot? I used the cheap ones for some time and got black soot marks on things all the time.......
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That diagonal line looks like a dirty compressor hose laid up against it. Guys that use their compressors for car work can get the hoses pretty dirty. Just a guess.
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I appreciate everyone's suggestions. Still, not sure though. As far as fingerprints........there are random places on my walls that would suggest differently. Some of these spots are large areas. I have cleaned my fan regularly and these spots are appearing in different rooms in the house. On the side of the refrigerator is more of just a film, not so much spots. At this point I am leaning towards the cheap candles...lol. Cheap walmart blinds and cheap walmart candles!
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I know this sounds odd....do you have/use a laser type printer?? Yes, the dust from the toner does get expelled out into the room when it is used. The particles are very light - and will stick to just about anything.
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I don't have a laser printer:( I am thinking that it might be my vacuum cleaner. I use a small shop vac. Just dumbfounds me. I have lived here for 14 years and never had this problem til I changed out the floors. Thanks for all the suggestions from everyone.
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Does it occur at varying degrees different times of the year? Carpet is a dust catcher, so my first suggestion is to change your a/c filters to something for fine particles.