Installation of a ceiling fan

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I need to get some idea of what information is needed to help me put in a ceiling fan in my trailer. I just moved into a trailer and want to add a ceiling fan in the bedroom. I took the light fixture off to find that is was only screwed to the insulation. I have a vaulted ceiling in this room. I read the other posts but didn't see anything on adding a fan to a vaulted ceiling. What information can you provide from what I have said or what can I look for to add info to give you a better picrure of the room? Never had a trailer before and have really learned alot from this site. Thanks in advance.
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Scroll down to the bottom half of this page and look on the left column -
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You can put a ceiling fan on a vaulted ceiling. I just bought one that mounts three differant ways. Either flush to the ceiling, on a down rod or on a angle. From what I have been told at HD almost any fans that are on a down rod can be mounted on an angle, they just need the correct top bracket. The fan I just bought has it and it was under $70 at HD.