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I need to purchase new wahser & dryer soon and want to get the new style that can be set up as a stackable set. I am in dire need of storage and figured this would be a great way to to increase my storage. I could get a storage cabnet and place it in front of the dryer hose.

The problem is I am not sure if they would be to heavy. The machines weight about 350-400 pounds before the water and clothes weight added in. Thinking about it and there shouldn't be a problem however my luck there would be a problem if I didn't check.
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You should be fine with the weight issue. I figure the washer and dryer to not weigh as much as a well stocked fridge. It would be good to have a plywood floor under it instead of particle board.
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I just had to put plywood under both frig. and wash/dryer. I went the other way with the wash/dryer though....I took out a stackable and went side by side...almost 1/2 the price.

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I have a commercial Speed Queen stacked unit. No problems. Installation was difficult as the depth of unit was greater than depth of space. Had to cut out paneling and wall studs (LOL) to allow for room of hoses and vent. Used new flat type exetnding vent. Removed upper cabinets and rebuilt. Have upright freezer next to unit.
Beefed up floor with 3/4 pressure treated plywood.
Unit is extremly heavy and have not experienced any terrible vibrations. My floor studs run length of home.Similar set up in place over 30 yrs!!! Dryer is gas.
Be sure to use good hoses!!!
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Iknow they are more money than the standard set but space and storage is an issue for me.
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We have a Sears stacking wash center. A big one. Sits on the particle board floor (it is vinyl covered) and no problem. Been there for about 7 years.
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