My tahnklss water heater

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Hello all..... First I must say a 4 year old has better spelling than i do (no joke) so sorry for the spelling errors. :D
After reading all the info I could I have never needed to post as all my questions have ben ansered here thanks guys!!!!! However with tankless water heaters the opinions seem to very quite a bit so I thought I would share my experiance with mine I just had installed. I live in northern utah and it gets cold on the winter here. I had my old 30 gal water heater replaced with tankless just last week and I must say I LOVE IT. There are a few things that are quite diffrent about it for one it dose take about 20-30 seconds to get the water to its full temp but it dose get the water HOT. I set the temp at 115f and at the farthest tub away the temp was 114f and it will sit there all day at that temp. however depending on the incoming water temp and how hot you want the water there is a water pressure drop. usualy not much but if you want to run 2 bath tubs at the same time forget it. you can easly run any 2 others and be fine (shower,dishes,laundry,faucet,ect) just not 2 tubs with mine anyway and the price was about a grand more than a mh rated gas tank style however with the tax credits and my gas company is giving me 300 rebate the total cost is about $150.00 more is all. I do question the energy savings they say I will get but will find out more with time. The way I figure it if it lasts 20-25 years like they say it will (with care of corse) it will be well worth the price.

The other day I had dishwasher,laundry, and my boy took a bath at the same time and imediatly after me and my wife took showers with no problem at all.

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The three biggest problems with tankless is price (pay back is a life time) which you have overcome, need for consistent relatively high water pressure otherwise they shut down and can be damaged and the high cost of replacement parts. Water pressure is not usually a problem unless you are on a well so the only major complaints are the fact that some parts are very pricey ($300-$400) and may only last 5 years or till out of warranty. But that is the same with most things today.
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It is very nice to hear that you are happy with your tank less water heater. I wanted to opt for the same than i changed my mind because i saw some of the other options at an home improvement store which were quite good. I hope that you enjoy with your water heater and have no prob with it, but in case you have any please post it so that people know about it and have a check on it.

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I will post back any problems I have so far so good but its only been a week. I am working on wiring a home network right now may have some questions on that but once agen so far so good :D
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Glad to see a post regarding this subject. After doing major renovations we have had some concerns about the hot water heater and the damage that would occur if it leaked. Apparently that has been the case in four homes this winter. Several people in our community have switched to the tankless (a couple have had it for a few years) and are very happy with it. We know it will be more expensive that a "regular" one, but figure we can't put a price on peace-of-mind and apparently there are savings on the electric bill as well. Why keep it hot when you aren't using it? So that has become our next focus and will very likely be the next big expense.

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